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Lockout Tagout Certification (Get your card In Minutes)

Lock Out Tag Out General Responsibilities

Lockout Tagout

  • With lockout tagout, training the employer is responsible for providing information, instruction and supervision to workers on the proper lockout procedures for each piece of equipment they will be operating.
  • An initial review should be made to determine which switches, valves, or other energy isolating devices apply to the equipment being locked out. More than one energy source (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and gravitational may be involved.
  • The employer should ensure that employees know which hazardous energy sources may need to be controlled. Workers should check their supervisor or another knowledgeable person if in doubt about which hazardous energy sources may need to be controlled.
  • When machinery needs be locked out, employers, supervisors and workers should follow accepted lockout principles, including:
  • Where lockout is complex, a written sequence in a checklist form should be prepared for equipment access, lockout/tagout, clearance, release and start-up.
  • Pre-planning for the lockout by identifying all hazardous energy sources, switches, etc.
  • Equipment should be isolated from hazardous energy sources by disconnecting or blocking the sources of energy.
  • Equipment should be shut down by normal means by turning off switches and closing valves etc.
  • All workers affected by the lockout should be notified.
  • Lockout and tag the energy isolating devices with a padlock or some other locking device that the worker has control over as well as a tag indicating that the equipment has been shut down.
  • Verify that all energy sources have been isolated by attempting to cycle the equipment prior to working on it.
  • When work is completed, release equipment from lockout, and test equipment.

The online lockout tagout training should take about 40 to 50 minutes. If you pass the online lockout tagout training your score and card will be automatically emailed to you. We have posted some general information and commonly asked lockout test questions for you to review.

Is there a course content review before the lockout tagout test?
Answer: Yes, you will be shown a Lockout/Tagout slideshow before you take the 10 question test. You can access this from your account management area.

Is this control of hazardous energy lockout tagout training recognized?
Answer: Yes, this OSHA & OHS lockout tagout certification is a recognized course.

How do I get my lock out tag out card?
Answer: Your card will be automatically emailed to your account you created. If you pass. Please review our "How It Works Page" for more answers. As well as our FAQ pages.

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