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Online Propane Certification Overview:

With our industrial corporate safety training for propane cylinder exchange, it will allow you to get your employees certified in the safely handling and changing of propane tanks in the workplace. This type of propane training is widely used by forklift operators who operate propane powered forklifts and need to change and refill the cylinders on them. This propane cylinder exchane certification is not just limited to forklift tanks, it can be used for the operation of barbeques. The one thing this propane cylinder exchange training cannot be used for is propane powered heaters. Our propane training is simple, fast and easy to use, and lastly recognized. It meetsand exceeds the CCOHS and OSHA requirements and standards.. The online training takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the individual. 

We have also taken into account that there maybe people in your workplace that have trouble reading and writing. This training course was developed for people with illiteracy. Upon completion of the online test, a hands on evaluation must be done on the trainee by a person who is currently certified to change propane tanks. A 3 year certification card will be put into your account once we receive your paperwork back. Remember we also offer the forklift training to go with this course, as well as bulk order discounts. Which you can find on our safety training pricing page.
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Propane Training Questions

  • I’m an individual and not with a company, can I take this training?
    Yes, you can as long as you follow our polices and requirements, which can be found on our how it works page.

  • Can anyone do our propane evaluations?
    No, they have to be certified in propane cylinder exchange

  • What if we don’t have a certified person onsite to do the evaluations?
    Please contact us @ 1-866-997-8880 Ex1. We will put you in touch with one of our onsite safety trainers. (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO COMPANIES)

  • Is there a course review with this online training test?
    Yes, you will have a slideshow to watch before taking the online propane test.

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