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  • Why must I be certified before I operate a BobCat?
    The occupational heath and safety act requires that all persons operating a skid steer loader / Bobcat must be certified.
  • How long is my certification good for?
    The occupational health and safety act requires that you get re-certified every 3 years.
  • What must I do when my skid steer certification expires?
    It's simple! Just come back to our website, login to your account management area and purchase another training key. Take the the test again, get a certified person to do your evaluation and return the evaluation form to us. We will then upload your new card to your account area within 1 to 24 hours..
  • Can I take the online skid steer / bobcat training if I don't work for a company?
    Yes, as long as you follow our policies on our website and have a certified person do an evaluation on you.
  • How much does the online course cost?
    The cost is $45.00 U.S, or Canadian per person, per test.
  • Would I have to pay again if I fail the Online Test?
    Yes, if you fail you must purchase another online skid steer key and take the test again
  • Who has developed this online skid steer safety training?
    A certified trainer that has more then 20 years experience in the safety training industry.
  • What happens if I lose my certified card?
    If you lose your card please contact us. If you can prove that you took the test, and we can find you in our database we will issue you a replacement.
  • How long does the skid steer / bobcat training take?
    It all depends on the individual, but it takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • What happens if I get an error while taking the online training?
    If you encounter an error while taking the online test. You can try logging back in, putting your key back in and resuming the test. If that doesn't work, please contact the administrator @ 1-866-997-8880 EX 1 0r email If you are able to please copy and paste the error in the email. .
  • Is this online safety training OSHA Recognized?
    Yes, all our courses are osha recognized. If you have any concerns please contact our certified trainer @ 1-866-997-8880 EX 2 and he will gladly address your concerns.
  • What means do you use to make sure my purchase is secure?
    We use Pivotal Payments which is a secure credit card processing company.
  • Are your safety courses recognized in Canada and the United States?
    Yes, our safety courses are recognized in Canada and the United States.

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