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BNR’s online safety training courses get you certified to meet or exceed the CCOHS and OSHA safety training standards Our online safety training courses satisfies OSHA Standards, ANSI Standards, CSA Standards, MOL Guidelines and Regulations. Curriculum, which includes floor and aerial / scissor lift operation and safety, workplace hazards and OSHA compliance.

Our certified online training courses sets us apart from all the rest. Why you ask? They have been specially developed for those people that may have difficulties reading and writing. We have put a great deal of time in customizing these training programs for employees with illiteracy. We have put our years of experience and expertise into developing these simple and easy to use programs.

A Quick Overview

BNR caters to the small and corporate companies and individuals as well, as long as they abide by our policies. Our safety training courses must have a hands-on evaluation (If Applicable) performed by a certified person in order to be certified. You must read the how it works page to completely understand how the training works.

We will then put your card in your account. The evaluation forms are in your account as well, along with your scores. If you don't have your card within a couple of days after faxing your evaluation form please contact us by using our support page.

Most of our safety training courses require an evaluation to be completed on the trainee by a certified person. Except for WHMIS, pedestrian safety, lockout tagout and fall arrest.

Our certification courses have been online since 2003. We'd like to thank our loyal customers in Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Ontario, Vancouver, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Not to mention California, Texas, Arizona and other cities throughout the United States and Canada. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Scissor Lift

Aerial Platform 

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Skid Steer

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Forklift Training

Course Details
Low Lift Truck

Pallet Truck

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Sling Hoist

Overhead Crane

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Propane Tank

 Cylinder Exchange

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Lock Out Tag Out

Lockout Tagout

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Fall Arrest Training

Fall Arrest Training

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